With over 24+ years as a licensed beauty industry professional and 10 years as a licensed educator, Candra has an abundance of experience that makes her a sought after catalyst for the industry today. As a former successful salon owner of 15 years and an advocate of family first and freedom from behind & beyond the chair, Candra now uses her title “Lifestyle & Business Strategist” for ambitious hairstylists & salon owners who desire to get organized and build structure within their life and business.

Speaker, Author, Educator and Founder of “Hair Speaks Academy” are additional positions that Candra enjoys holding because it allows her to give all facets of her gifts to the professionals who need it.

Candra is very passionate about serving those who seek out her help to build the confidence to stop slaving so much of their time for dollars from behind the chair and learn how to work smart and avoid burnout.

 If time is not being spent with her family, or enjoying her favorite hobbies like bike riding, interacting with moms in her organization or reading and traveling, then you can find Candra speaking in classroom settings, stages, social media live broadcast, or working in her consulting firm with her beauty industry clients.


If distractions come and life gives you a curveball, I am a firm believer in rising up, re-positioning your life & rebuilding it one brick at a time.

For more info you can connect with Candra at www.candraward.com or Candra Ward on Facebook and other social media platforms.


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