It all started when…

Many times when you read a cake decorator’s bio it talks about how they started baking at a very tender age or how they use to bake as a child with their mother or grandmother, but as for me, that wasn't my story.

I discovered cake decorating at 34 years old while raising my children as a stay at home mom. It was something that just fell in my lap, I discovered a craft I never knew I had.

Once I realized the talented that was handed to me I perfected and became highly skilled in the industry. Today, I've been in business for a total of 7 years and have had a successful brick and mortar for 4 1/2 years.

Anitria has one of the most sought out bakery's in Philadelphia leaving her competitors in admiration of her dedication to  her customers.

4 Every Occasion Cupcakes and Cakes has surpassed Anitria's expectations. Her location quickly grew to earn multiple six figures in a short span of time and has been the go to for specialty and designer cakes.

Anitria and her bakery has been in many newspapers, radio stations and has won a plethora of awards just to name a few. 

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