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Our weekly sessions will occur every Sunday until our graduation Sunday which will be the 13th week. (You will be able to virtually invite friends and family to it as well..whoop! whoop!)


The Success Stylists Elite Mastermind

Topic: Starting a Lucrative Online Business

Requirements: No tech knowledge needed.

What to Expect: Everything from branding, marketing, website building, landing pages, social media, tribe building, legals, content creation, product creation, ebooks, tools, funnels, balancing, selling, lead generation, ads, launching. automation, business model, niche, client factor, emails, testimonials, first $1,000 & SO MUCH MORE!

Deposit: $97

Weekly Tuition: $67

Duration of Program: 12 weeks (including extra week for graduation)

Days: Sundays

Time: 9:00pm-10:00pm (additional 30 minutes for QA)

Expectations: A will to learn and implement for maximum results.

Important Info: Payments will be automatically deducted from your choice of payment weekly. Please make sure that things run smoothly with your account.

You will receive a welcome packet before the mastermind begins.