Regine Joseph...

Regine Joseph is an innovative prophetic Voice and Visionary called to curate Kingdom experiences for life,

love, and leisure. She is the CEO of Regine Joseph Enterprises which houses her signature coaching

program, Not a Broken Vessel; event planning firm, A Royal Affair; and inspirational apparel line, Royal-T shirts.

Regine is also Co-Founder of 2 Chix with a Camera Photography Company, where her mission is to capture

the glory in the stories of her clients. She serves on the advisory boards of Impart Kingdom Ministries, Soul

Harvest Creative Praise Ministries, and MD Simmons Productions, providing event planning, creative

development, and logistical support for programs and services.

Regine is passionate about empowering women to be the greatest version of themselves by tapping into their

unique talents and creating opportunities to achieve wealth and wholeness. She hosts a weekly Facebook live

show called, Motivational Mondays, to encourage women to seek God through prayer and His Word to

overcome life’s obstacles and walk in dominion.

She also enjoys spending time with her four children, Dashna, Sabrina, Elizabeth, and Olumide and takes pride

in keeping them fully engaged in her business ventures to pass the entrepreneurial mantle on to their