Candra's style in coaching, training & mentoring allowed me to take exactly what she said and put it to work. I was clearly overworked and not charging my worth. I took her methods and secret sauces and managed to make my first $2000 plus day. Since then I've been banging out behind the chair. I absolutely love all of Candra's lessons and my increase shows!

~Markeya Bain, CEO of Lola's Dreamz Hair Salon


 Candra's coaching has definitely grown my business expediently. I started my hair expo company in 2015 with only 30 people in attendance. By 2016 it grew to 150 in attendance, all funded by me personally. After continuously applying the info that Candra gives me, my upcoming 2017 hair expo 2017 is already growing to a possible 500 attendees with sponsorship's and affiliates. This growth is truly due to following the map that was given by Candra.

Thank from turning my creativity into a business!!

~ Sequoia Willams, CEO of Sequoia Beauty Expos


Completing Candra's 2,000 week challenge has increased my bottomline tremendously.  I always desired to make $2000 a week consistently without working 7 days a week. Candra helped me to find the concept to reach my $2000 a week goal. I have rewritten my price list and changed a lot of thing up with my salon and staff. On Sun. April 23rd I made $700 through one client and generated 1,390.00 3 days later. My totals for the week =$2,090.00. I'm so happy I'm so happy I followed Candra's advice. Thank you Candra Ward you rock!!!!!!

~Ivory Baisly, owner of Ivory's Evolution of Hair Studio


I am so thankful for Candra's training class, not only did I implement what she taught us but I increased my week by $400. I normally average about $1200 a week but her training's helped me to move my numbers to 1,600. I just want to say thank you so much for your wisdom and knowledge. You are truly a blessing. I am on my way to making my first $2000 week!

~Judy Carasco, owner at P31_Artistry and Author of Your Guide to Healthier Hair


I just want to personally thank you for the business coaching you've provided me so far. I've never had such focus and accountability. I've been able to literally determine my exact business goals, write them out, and follow the detailed plan you helped me to develop. My successes were immediate when I gained two salons for consulting services within days of realizing where my strengths really were. I'm excited for the direction I'm headed, and it has much to do with collaborating with you. Thank you!!

~Katrina Pleasant, Hairstylist & Business Coach


Before I began my day yesterday I added up the services that were already on my books. I decided that I wanted more money and set an intention to make $500 that day and I exceeded that amount!

~Cheron Hamner Burse, Independent Hair Artist at Be Spoken Salon


I've gotten so much valuable information from Candra that has helped me to focus on and grow my business! She is very passionate and dedicated to helping stylist successfully implement the knowledge she delivers. She is a true professional and knows her craft. The coaching she provides is great for newbies as well as seasoned professionals like myself. If you're looking for someone to help you up level your business and financial status I highly recommend that you get coaching from Candra her energy is contagious!

Cheron Hamner


Candra has been exceptional when it comes to accountability, follow-up, and following through. She gives the best of herself when she teaches and for me that's important. Her approach is very geuine and it shines through in every Broadcast, Masterclass, and One-on-One session! Thanks Candra!!!

Lynn L King



Candra is an awesome coach to work with!! Her guidance, leadership, and straight-to-the-point approach was everything I needed to sort all of the creative bliss in my head and get focused. She's very hands-on and personable, but even better she's funny and down to earth.

Katrina Pleasant


Candra offers step by step strategies for success....I have personally benefitted from her strategies.... She has been a motivator as well as a great accountability coach for me... She has helped me with my faith lift....I was feeling complacent and she help me go from complacent to implement. Thank you Candra

Melanie Jones



Candra provides customized easy step by step strategies to position your business to grow. Her one on one coaching laid the foundation for my business to increase. I felt like I had a big sister as my cheerleader who was vested in my success. I highly recommend her as a business coach!

Kischa Howard

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